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No parent wants to see their child suffer or be in pain. One of the hardest things that can happen to a family is a major child injury, especially when you put your trust in the hands of another person to watch and care for your child. You do not need to face this uncomfortable time alone; an understanding and experienced personal injury can help you obtain justice for your child’s injuries.

At Mukerji Law Firm, we will take the time to understand every aspect of your case and make sure that your child receives the compensation that they deserve to help them recover quickly. We represent child injury cases throughout the nation.

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Common Child Injury Practice Areas

Bounce House Injuries


Whether it’s at a commercial establishment or the backyard of a friend, a child can easily suffer an injury whenever a bounce house is improperly set up, maintained or supervised.

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Daycare Injuries


When you trust your child to a daycare or babysitter, you do not expect them to sustain major injuries. If your child has been hurt, you may be able to receive compensation.

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Amusement Park Injuries


Amusement parks can be fun and adventurous, there are times when children can be seriously injured and even killed on amusement rides. You maybe entitled to compensation.

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Other Child Injury Practice Areas

Aquatic Center Injuries

Every year there are around 6,000 serious and fatal injuries that result from children playing in swimming pools in Houston, Texas.


Bungee Trampoline

For the more adventurous, a regular trampoline may not provide them with the thrill and excitement they desire in Houston,



Among all the child-related injuries, burns are one of the most common. Burns do not have to happen just around


Child Brain Injuries

Traumatic brain injuries can be devastating for anyone living in Houston, Texas, but they are especially traumatic whenever they happen


Child Death

No pain equals that of a parent after the death of a child. That pain is magnified even further whenever


Commercial Trampolines

Children are naturally drawn to trampolines in Houston because they allow them to jump and play freely. Unfortunately, trampolines can


Defective Car Seats

Each year, thousands of children are seriously injured or killed in automobile accidents. These accidents are made even more tragic


Go-Kart Injuries

Go-karts are becoming an increasingly popular amusement ride for children and adults alike. This has led to a sharp increase


Playground Injuries

Almost everyone remembers enjoying the fun of being at a playground as a child, and for most people the worst


School Bus Injuries

Most Houston parents walk their children out to the school bus stop everyday with little concern as to the safety


Swimming Pool Accidents

Assisting Families of Injured Children Children, by nature, are generally curious when it comes to water. Swimming pools can cause


Theme Park Accidents

It is the promise of thrills and death-defying rides that draw large numbers of Texas people to amusement parks every


Water Park Injuries

Nothing tames the hot summer air like a visit to a water park in Houston, Texas. The relaxation and comfort associated


Water Slide Injuries

Water slides are becoming more elaborate all the time, as park operators seek to make them thrilling in Texas to


Zoo Injuries

Zoos are locations where children can enjoy the outdoors while also being able to view and learn about animals from



Receiving Justice & Compensation for Child Injuries

If you are ready to speak with an understanding and reliable Houston personal injury attorney regarding your child’s accident, it is important that you contact our firm. We are industry-recognized attorneys who will fight for your child’s compensation. Our firm proudly provides legal counsel to families seeking compensation for the wrongs caused to their child. Contact Mukerji Law Firm today to schedule a free case evaluation and tospeak with a Houston child injury lawyer regarding your particular situation.

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