Shaken Baby Syndrome Accidents

When a child is diagnosed as having shaken baby syndrome this often means there is permanent damage present that the child may never be able to recover from. This news is generally more difficult for Houston parents to hear because they often blame themselves for not being present to protect their child. While nothing can turn back the hands of time and stop the injury from occurring, there are ways parents can ensure those responsible are held accountable.

SBS Justice in Houston, Texas

After their child has been seen by medical professionals most parents turn their attention to making sure the person who committed the crime is prosecuted. This action is carried out by the prosecuting attorney of the county in which the crime took place, and the parents can help the case by:

  • Working with investigators to gather evidence about the events surrounding the accident
  • Providing updates and releases of medical information to the prosecutor or their staff
  • Understanding that prosecution may take time and results may not be what’s desired


Shaken Baby Syndrome Limitations

Many parents not only want to see the abuser convicted of a crime, but also want them to pay financially, which requires a civil lawsuit to be filed in Texas. The only problem with civil litigation in this case is that there are only a few factors that allow a case like this to be heard, and they include:

  • The individual accused of causing the shaken baby syndrome often has to be a professional who is licensed to care for children
  • The accused must have an insurance policy that pays for the injury that resulted from the accident

Cases that don’t fit into these limitations often aren’t heard, and parents are forced to simply be content with the outcome of the criminal case.