Theme Park Accidents

It is the promise of thrills and death-defying rides that draw large numbers of Texas people to amusement parks every year, and this is also the reason why just as many people preach of the danger these parks pose to visitors. Those who focus on the dangers are often quick to assert their point when an injury does occur, and many find these accidents can all be traced back to the same source.

Theme Park Injury Negligence

Negligence can take on many forms in Houston, but it is rarely more dangerous than when people are being catapulted forward at 50 mph on a track that crisscrosses the landscape. The primary form of negligence seen in amusement parks relates to the way in which the rides are maintained. Accidents often occur when:

    • Rides are not serviced on the schedule suggested by the manufacturer
    • Maintenance needs are ignored or delayed
    • Employees aren’t fully trained to operate the rides
    • Visitors are not made aware of the conduct considered safe for each ride


Texas Theme Park Visitor Rights

Those who visit an amusement park in Houston are assumed to know the dangers the rides pose, and this is often the stance the owners of the park will take if a person suffers an injury. Even though visitors know the dangers this doesn’t mean parks are exempt from liability, as some dangers wouldn’t be present if park staff hadn’t been negligent.

Another common defense used by the lawyers of the park is trying to shift the blame of the accident to the visitor. If the defense can prove the visitor failed to follow the parks rules the case will be dismissed. This is why visitors should always adhere to all safety rules and gather evidence to support this if they file a civil lawsuit.