Bungee Trampoline

For the more adventurous, a regular trampoline may not provide them with the thrill and excitement they desire in Houston, Texas. For this reason, there has been a surge in the number of bungee trampolines offered at fairs, amusement parks and vacation resorts over the past few years. These trampolines allow patrons to jump higher and perform certain stunts, but there is a risk of suffering a bungee trampoline injury.

How Do Texas Bungee Trampolines Work?

A jumper will put on a bungee harness that is then hooked to a series of ropes that are attached to poles. The participant then begins jumping on the trampoline, and is continuously propelled higher and higher-sometimes as much as 15 feet above the trampoline’s platform. The harness is also designed in such a way that performing stunts and flips at this height is easy to do.

Possible Dangers

The ability to jump high and perform flips also has some risk associated with it. The harness contraption could fail, causing patrons to fall from extraordinary heights. Some users have also suffered ruptured bicep tendons whenever their muscles contract while doing a flip. An individual’s knees could also lock up; causing damage to them that might also require surgery to fix.


Recommended Precautions

Before using a bungee in conjunction with a trampoline, consumers should:

  • Check to see if any warning signs are present, and then read them carefully
  • Ensure that personnel operating the attraction are knowledgeable about bungee harnesses
  • Inspect the trampoline, ropes, and harnesses for any signs of damage
  • Ensure that proper instructions and training are given prior to jumping

Bungee harnesses, when used with trampolines have the potential to cause greater injury than if participants were merely jumping. This means that operators must be held to a higher standard if they are to prevent people from becoming injured. Those who fail to take additional precautions can be held liable for ensuing damages in a court of law.

Getting Justice for Your Injuries

People who have been injured on trampolines in Houston should consider hiring an attorney. You shouldn’t need to bear the cost of your injuries just become someone was negligent. Schedule a free case evaluation today by calling 713-222-1222.