Carnival & County Fair Accidents

Individuals often have romantic ideas about young couples spending warm summer nights at their carnival or country fair in Houston, Texas. While an event like this may not be as idyllic as people imagine, most pass by without any major disruptions. It is often big news when an accident occurs at one of these events, and those who suffer injuries often have their ideal image shattered completely.


Putting Safety First in Texas

Those who visit their local carnival or county fair generally have a good idea of the rides that are safe and those that should be avoided. Those unfamiliar with these events may not realize that most of the rides are taken between multiple states on an almost daily basis, and this makes verifying maintenance records more difficult. Ways to stay safe before riding include:

  • Asking to see documents in regards to safety inspections conducted by the state
  • Calling the state regulatory authority and asking them about the company operating the rides
  • Simply doing a visual inspection of the ride and determining if it appears safe

Causes of a Carnival Accident in Houston

Those who suffer an injury from one of these rides generally find there are a few root causes that are the most common.

  • Operator Negligence – An operator being insufficiently trained to operate the ride safely or not paying attention to their actions.
  • Poor Maintenance – The mechanics of the ride may not be the only aspect to cause concern, as many of the safety features such as soft landing surfaces may be missing without guests ever knowing.