Water Park Injuries

Nothing tames the hot summer air like a visit to a water park in Houston, Texas. The relaxation and comfort associated with this type of park often results in visitors letting down their guard when it comes to the safety of the equipment surrounding them. This oversight is verified by the fact that thousands of people are seriously or fatally injured every year at water parks.


Primary Responsibility

Any Houston business open to the public has the responsibility of making sure that visitors aren’t put in danger while they’re on the property. This responsibility doesn’t extend to protecting visitors from their own foolish behavior, but makes it so that businesses can’t cause an accident and then defer responsibility after it has occurred.

Common Water Park Accident Dangers

Water parks are unique in that the dangers people face here are often unexpected and happen suddenly, and some of these injuries include:

  • Injuries to the neck or head resulting from diving or sliding accidents
  • Falls resulting from slippery surfaces or unsafe stairs
  • Wounds caused by objects not visible under water
  • Illness caused by improper water filtration or unsanitary conditions at eating establishments

Texas Maintenance Issues

Water parks may not have the same mechanical systems as amusement parks or carnivals, but the slides and water filtration systems are in need of just as much maintenance. When the staff of a water park fails to complete all necessary maintenance routines this makes them automatically negligent and sets them up for a civil lawsuit if a person should be injured due to this oversight.