Summer Camp Accidents

Parents often see day camp as a place where their kids can enjoy both the outdoors and group activities while under the supervision of trained adults. All this enjoyment can rapidly come to a close in the event that a child is injured, and this is when parents should investigate whether the camp’s negligence is what led to their child being injured.

Common Injuries Suffered

The primary appeal of a summer and day camps in Texas is that it allows children the freedom to spend countless hours outdoors and enjoy all that nature offers, but this also means there is a higher risk of an accident that results in an injury. The American Academy of Pediatrics published a paper in 2005 that showed summer camp activities were more likely to lead to injuries than other forms of summer fun, and some of the most common injuries are:

    • Dehydration and heat stroke
    • Falling while walking or engaging in activities
    • Physical confrontations with other children
    • Unsanitary Conditions


Proving Negligence in Texas

Due to the large number of activities that take place at day camps it can often be difficult for parents to determine what is considered negligent behavior on the part of the camp and its staff. Some actions or conditions that can be defined as negligent include:

  • Inattentive Staff – This type of negligence often results in injuries such as dehydration, heat stroke and physical confrontations between children.
  • Unsafe Conditions – Negligence of this nature relates to the facilities of the camp and is often associated with harm arising from unsafe buildings, equipment or terrain.

Safeguarding Everyone Involved

Raising children entails making sure they are protected but still able to enjoy all that life has to offer. Holding a summer camp accountable for their negligent behavior in Houston not only serves the interests of the parents and affected child, but ensures future children are protected from the same hazards.