Swimming Pool Accidents

Assisting Families of Injured Children

Children, by nature, are generally curious when it comes to water. Swimming pools can cause immense damages and even lead to death to some children. Most children cannot swim strong enough to save their lives and falls into pools can be incredibly dangerous. Many of the accidents involving children and water-related injuries can be avoided by use of proper signage, lifeguards, gating systems and keeping pool decks free of trip and fall hazards. If you are a family suffering from the loss of a child or are dealing with injuries resulting from a swimming pool accident, Mukerji Law Firm is here to help.

Swimming pool accidents can occur in a number of places.

  • Private homes and residential pools
  • Apartment pools
  • Public pools
  • Hotels and spas

If a swimming pool is not properly fenced off or supervision is not provided, children may be at risk for drowning or near-drowning accidents. Poorly maintained decks, drains and pool toy equipment can cause injuries as well. Victims of pool accidents can suffer brain damage, broken bones and abrasions and sometimes an untimely death of a child.


Houston Child Injury Lawyer: Justice for Injured Children

If you are a parent of a child who has been injured in a pool-related incident, it is imperative that you work with an understanding attorney who will thoroughly review your situation and help you determine which course of legal action to take. Our attorneys understand that anytime a child’s life is at risk or a child has been hurt because of negligence that time is of the essence. Parents want to see their children recover and have justice served. Mukerji Law Firm will proudly represent your family with a personable yet aggressive manner and fight for your children’s compensation. Contact our legal team today to speak with an attorney.