Play Place Injuries

When children visit a business with a play place in Texas, their first instinct is often to run over to it immediately. While an indoor jungle gym may seem safe from the outside many parents don’t realize the horrors these structures can hide. This is why Houston parents should take extra care and ensure a play area is safe. If an injury does occur, parents may have the right to file a lawsuit and recover damages.


Common Play Place Dangers

The primary reason parents don’t know about the hidden dangers a play place might contain is because it’s almost impossible for parents to access the interior of these structures. If Houston, Texas parents knew what was located in some play stations they would be horrified, and some of these dangers include:

  • Unsanitary Conditions – An indoor jungle gym is often maintained so that it has a clean looking exterior, but the interior may be ignored due to the negligence or the fact that employees have trouble accessing these areas themselves. This means bacteria and even human waste can go undiscovered for long periods of time.
  • Unsafe Equipment – A play station may also be ignored when it comes to structural hazards that are present. While unnoticeable from the outside, these hazards can place children at risk of serious injury.
  • Graffiti – Young children aren’t the only ones that use a play station, and this means foul language and graffiti may be present on the interior walls.

Parents should report any incidents such as those listed above to the manager of the equipment immediately and then speak to an attorney to determine if a lawsuit can be filed and compensation received.