Child Death

No pain equals that of a parent after the death of a child. That pain is magnified even further whenever the death is due to an injury or accident. Parents may suffer guilt from allowing their child to participate in certain activities, or for entrusting them to the care of another. They may suffer these feelings of guilt and remorse indefinitely, and have a void in their lives that simply cannot be filled.

Wrongful Death and Children

Those who are entrusted with the care of children in Texas have a duty of care to provide them with a safe environment and to protect them from danger. When guardians breach this trust, a child death can occur. In some cases, this happens right away, while other times, the loss of a child happens some time later because of an initial injury. Regardless of the circumstances, relief could be available in a court of law.


Types of Damages for Child Bereavement

The types of damages parents may be entitled to in Houston will greatly depend on the circumstances; however, a few of the things they could recover are:

  • medical expenses
  • funeral costs
  • pain and suffering
  • grief counseling

Recovering damages never heals the pain that’s felt after the death of a child, but it can go a long way toward reducing the additional stress that happens whenever parents are faced with extraordinary financial burdens as a result. Compensation for a deceased child is one of the few instances in which the goal of making the victim whole can never be accomplished.

Legal Assistance for Child Death

Those who have experienced the wrongful death of a child in Houston, Texas may need to obtain legal counsel in order to help them recover their damages. Doing so can also help with the healing process, since the role of an attorney in this instance would also be to provide moral support.