School Bus Injuries

Most Houston parents walk their children out to the school bus stop everyday with little concern as to the safety of their child. It’s not that parents aren’t concerned about their children, but this task often becomes so routine that there is little reason for parents to associate school bus rides with danger. Parents should still be aware of the most common dangers children face in this scenario so they can actively work to prevent these events from occurring.

Blind Spots

The massive size of most school buses means drivers will always have areas on the sides and rear of the vehicle where they can’t see. Although school bus drivers are trained to be wary of these areas there are still instances where children are hit, and this can result in serious or life-threatening injuries.


Absent Safety Harnesses

Many parents have filed complaints over the years due to the fact that many school buses aren’t equipped with seat belts. This goes directly against what many parents teach their children and even what some laws require, and this means parents may have a right to file a lawsuit in order to hold the school and bus company liable for their negligence.

Age of the School Bus

Many school districts in Houston, Texas keep buses in service as long as possible since this saves them money. The danger with doing this is that the regulations surrounding proper safety are changing all the time, and this means an old school bus may not comply with safety standards, putting children at risk of harm.

While school bus injuries can occur for a variety of reasons in Texas, parents should know they’re eligible to receive compensation for their child’s injuries. This legal process not only ensures parents can pay their child’s medical bills, but prevents similar injuries from being suffered due to the negligence of drivers and administrators.