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If you or a loved one is the victim of an act of negligence, whether a car accidentcommercial truck accidentanimal attack, or a child injury, we are prepared to assist you immediately. The tragic consequences of an act of negligence can impact an innocent person and his or her children for years or a lifetime.

The personal and financial costs are significant. Our team at Mukerji Law Firm focuses on seeking justice in all types of personal injury claims and lawsuits, including those involving serious side effects from dangerous drugs, medical devices and other complex product liability cases. We have achieved an impressive record of success, and are driven by our personal concern for those we serve.

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Personal Injury Practice Areas

Child Injury

It is a terrible and tragic situation when a child has been injured due to an act of negligence. At our firm, we are recognized for our results in child injury cases, and can advise you about how to move forward with a claim or lawsuit every step of the way.

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Car Accidents

A vehicle accident is a common cause of very serious injuries, and seeking compensation for damages is extremely important to the victim and the family. A full evaluation of the case should be undertaken as early as possible after the accident.

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Truck Accidents

The process of recovering damages in a commercial truck accident requires legal counsel that has experience. At our firm, we have achieved victory in truck accident claims and can advise you about moving forward with a claim or lawsuit.

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Our personal injury attorneys have recovered millions of dollars in verdicts and settlements for our clients

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Meet the Attorneys


Sam K. Mukerji

Sam Mukerji believes the law was made to protect individuals from the wrongdoing of irresponsible individuals and corporations.

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Shampa C. Mukerji

Shampa Mukerji’s main objective is to ensure our clients receive the best possible resolution to their case. Her strong work ethic, and years of experience are strong assets to the firm.

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Winfield S. Williams

Attorney Winfield S. Williams is dedicated in helping his clients who have suffered catastrophic loss and injury.

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Mark Guerra

Mark grew up along the United States-Mexico border in Brownsville, Texas.

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Diego Ovalle

Diego Ovalle is a highly dedicated and client-focused plaintiff’s personal injury lawyer with a unique perspective on the law.

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Madison Moehlig

Madison Moehlig is a Houston, Texas native. Madison is committed to securing justice and compensation for individuals who have been injured due to the negligence of others.

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