Playground Injuries

Almost everyone remembers enjoying the fun of being at a playground as a child, and for most people the worst injury sustained was a few cuts or scrapes. This is why it can be especially difficult for parents when their child is seriously injured while using playground equipment, and this situation is made worse when parents learn how common this is.


Common Playground Injuries

There are a number of injuries children can get while on a playground, but there are a few that have been found to be the most common.

  • Sprains – Sprains should be treated immediately and monitored closely because they can turn into fractures if put under further stress.
  • Fractures – All the jumping, tumbling and climbing that children do makes the possibility of a fracture very real. Parents should investigate the cause of fractures thoroughly, as this type of injury is often caused by defective playground equipment.
  • Lacerations – When a child sustains a laceration the wound should be cleaned on a regular basis because the large amount of bacteria on playground equipment means there is an increased risk of infection.

Common Causes

When a parent leaves their child in the care of another person in Houston, Texas, there is an expected level of professionalism. Although expected, this professionalism can sometimes go unfulfilled and result in injuries.

  • Inadequate Supervision – Caretakers are expected to watch child at all times while they’re in their care. If a child is injured due to poor supervision this is negligence on the part of the caretaker.
  • Faulty Equipment – If the equipment the child is playing on is defective or unsafe in some way this is negligence on the part of those who own it.

If either of the above-listed scenarios results in a child being injured in Houston, Texas, the responsible party can be sued in court and the parents can receive damages. The first step in getting this compensation is to hire a personal injury attorney. When selecting an attorney, it’s best to select one who focuses on child injury, so the attorney will be knowledgeable and experienced.