Zoo Injuries

Zoos are locations where children can enjoy the outdoors while also being able to view and learn about animals from all over the world. Zoos are also places where extra caution can be a good idea, as curious children may want to explore on their own or simply get distracted by all that the zoo has to offer. There are specific dangers to be aware of and try to protect their children from being injured.

Texas Zoo Equipment

A zoo injury may not involve an animal at all, but instead occur because of poor maintenance or inadequate operation of zoo equipment in Houston, Texas. There have been recorded cases where parents and children both suffered severe injuries because equipment such as trains or educational equipment failed to work properly.


The vast amount of walking that visitors have to do often leads to them purchase food or drinks during their visit. Injuries involving food or drink often result because staff fail to adhere to safe handle guidelines and this results in the products being tainted with bacteria. Any purchases should be recorded while at the zoo so a source can be located if illness occurs later.


Animal Safety

Most zoos go to great lengths to protect both animals and visitors by ensuring enclosures and cages are properly maintained. Observation of children is a good idea during every part of the visit since defects can occur at any time and this can lead to an animal or child coming into contact with one another and a zoo injury occurring.

Hire a Lawyer for Zoo Injuries

Very few people understand just how many injuries take place at zoos. If your son or daughter has been injured at a zoo, then you should hire a personal injury attorney today. Schedule a free case evaluation by calling 713-222-1222.