Case Results

When it comes to your future, it is important that you work with experienced and reliable attorneys. The attorneys at Mukerji Law Firm have a track record of success that speaks for itself. Every injured individual deserves a fighting chance to receive the compensation they deserve. Here you can look through our past cases results to see the amount of dedication and commitment that we have for our clients. We are on your side and will fight the insurance companies and big businesses in court. No matter what situation you find yourself facing, it is important that you seek reliable legal counsel. We understand that suffering injuries at the hands of others can be frustrating and we have been able to assist hundreds of individuals in achieving the most desirable outcomes in their cases and we can help you! Contact us today to speak with our reputable personal injury attorneys to schedule your free case evaluation.

Garbage Truck Injury

Attorney Sam Mukerji represented a husband and wife for injuries sustained by the husband in a pedestrian-automobile wreck caused by a locally-owned garbage truck. Our client, a laborer, was life-flighted from the scene and had eight surgeries performed on his leg over several months as well as one on his back. The wife had a loss of consortium claim due to the injuries her husband suffered. Over 25 depositions were taken in the case before it settled for $2,500,000 in 2018.

Case Settled for $2,500,000

Commercial Vehicle Injury

Attorney Sam Mukerji settled a case for a client who was rear-ended on the I-10 freeway in Houston, Texas at 15 miles per hour. The client was leaving work and heading home when, due to rush hour traffic, she brought her vehicle to a complete stop for several seconds. At the same time, Defendant driver failed to keep a lookout for and failed to control his speed and ran his pick-up truck into the rear of Plaintiff’s vehicle causing her severe injuries to her neck and back that resulted in both neck and low back surgeries. The case took over 25 depositions and multiple mediations to resolve.

Case Settled for $1,875,000

Bounce House Injury

In October 2014, the Houston-based child injury attorney Sam K. Mukerji, who second-chaired the trial with his former law partner, won a premises liability case against Pump It Up of The Woodlands. The verdict of negligence led to compensation in the amount of $1.3 million for the family of the plaintiff, a 9 year-old boy who suffered a traumatic brain injury when he fell from an inflatable bounce house at Pump It Up of The Woodlands. The boy and his brother were in an area which was unsupervised, and when the brother climbed down, the change in balance caused the boy to fall 7 feet to the concrete.

Case Won for $1.3 Million

Work-place Injury

Attorney Sam Mukerji settled a case for $800,000 “new money” (meaning, after all medical bills were paid) for a woman whose pinky on her dominant hand was cut off in a meat tenderizer while working. We sued her employer which was cited for gross violations by OSHA for negligence, gross negligence, and recklessness for deliberately removing the safety guard from the meat tenderizer in an attempt to increase profits at the risk of its employees.

Case Settled for $800,000

18-Wheeler (Tractor-Trailer) Injury

Attorney Sam Mukerji settled a case for $800,000 for a client who was involved in a head-on collision with a tractor-trailer in Houston, Texas. The client himself was operating a tractor without a trailer when the Defendant driver decided to go the wrong way on a one-way street to avoid waiting for a train that was crossing nearby. The collision was so bad that our client’s vehicle caught on fire. Plaintiff’s serious injuries required he have surgeries to his neck and back.

Case Settled for $800,000

Commercial Vehicle Injury

Attorney Sam Mukerji represented an individual who was injured due to the negligence of a driver who failed to yield the right of way to him. The Defendant driver, who was recently in Houston from Australia, was provided a rental car by her husband’s company as part of their transition into his new job. As the Defendant driver attempted to take a left turn into a tennis center, she did not notice our client coming in the opposite direction. Instead of moving forward into the parking lot of the tennis center, she stopped her vehicle in our client’s lane of traffic. Our client, in an attempt to avoid colliding with this vehicle that was partially in his lane and partially in her lane, swerved his vehicle to the right and ended up in an adjacent ditch. We alleged that Defendant driver was used to driving on the left side of the road in her home country and was not used to yielding the right of way when turning left and therefore did not keep a proper look out at the time of the incident. As a result of his injuries, client, an auto mechanic, required two minor surgeries to his spine. The case settled for $560,000

Case Settled for $560,000

Workplace Injury

Associate attorneys of Sam K. Mukerji’s prior firm won a work injury trial where the employer did not provide fall protection, as required by OSHA, to its employee. The defendant’s main argument was that our client was an independent contractor and not a full time employee. The defendant employer refused to take responsibility for the serious injuries it caused to its employee and refused to make any offer of settlement prior to trial. The verdict at trial was in favor of plaintiff and our law firm was able to secure a verdict of $374,500.

Case Won for $374,500

Commercial Vehicle Wreck with Drunk Driver

Attorney Sam Mukerji settled a case for a client who was rear-ended at a high-speed by a pick-up truck being driven by the owner of a landscaping company. During the deposition, the owner admitted that he had been drinking with his wife at a bar and had consumed multiple alcoholic drinks a few minutes before the wreck. He further admitted that he was texting his friend at the time of the collision. Our client, an Engineer, was so badly injured that a neurosurgeon recommended he needed surgery to his spine to relieve his pain. The case settled for $350,000 – almost ten times client’s past medical bills.

Case Settled for $350,000

18-wheeler Collision

Attorney Sam Mukerji settled a case recently where a woman had a surgical recommendation for her neck and lower back from an orthopedic surgeon. She didn’t want to get the surgery at the time because she was young. Attorney Mukerji was able to convince the 18-wheeler’s insurance company that she would definitely get surgery and the case settled at mediation for $215,000.

Case Settled for $215,000

Tractor (without Trailer) Injury

Attorneys Sam Mukerji (lead counsel) and Jonathan Bleyer obtained a verdict of $212,000 ($248,000 with case costs and interest) in early 2018 in the 11th District Court of Harris County, Texas on behalf of a client injured in a motor vehicle wreck with a tractor without a trailer. The incident involved the tractor making an inappropriate right turn from the center and colliding with our client’s vehicle who was in the right lane attempting to go straight. The defendant driver, defendant driver’s employer, and the defense lawyer all admitted defendant driver was at fault but refused to accept responsibility for the severe injuries our client sustained in the wreck. A neurosurgeon testified at trial that our client (his patient) would most likely need surgery to her spine as a result of the wreck.

Verdict for Plaintiff for $212,000

Bicycle/Car Collision

The team of Mukerji Law Firm settled a case where a man was riding his bike down a busy street in Houston. He was riding it legally and yet was hit from behind by a commercial van. His head struck the van’s windshield, cracking it, and then his head hit the ground. The client suffered slight loss of vision in one eye. The case settled for $200,000 at mediation, after the at-fault’s insurance company initially denied total responsibility.

Case Settled for $200,000

Pedestrian Parking Lot Injury

Attorneys Jonathan Bleyer and Sam Mukerji obtained a settlement of $175,000 against a large national retailer for improper maintenance of its parking lot and creating a dangerous condition for its customers. The Defendant company was sued for allowing a large plant nursery cart to remain in its parking lot during severe winds for several hours. Our client was returning to her vehicle in the parking lot when a strong gust of wind pushed the cart into her, knocking her over, and causing serious injuries to her spine. An orthopedic surgeon advised that she would need surgery to help relieve her severe pain.

Case Settled for $175,000

18-Wheeler Collision

Attorney Sam Mukerji settled a case where a woman had a recommendation for surgery on her neck after she was rear-ended by an 18-wheeler. She did not go to the E.R., but felt pain the next day and received chiropractic treatment. While the treatment helped a bit, the chiropractor realized that her ongoing pain may be something more serious and ordered an MRI, which showed a large herniated disc in her neck. The case settled for $115,000.

Case Settled for $115,000