Rock Climbing Accidents

Many people who see a rock wall for the first time in Texas are astonished at how monumental these structures are, and this astonishment often turns to unease as they realize they are about to climb it. This unease should sometimes be heeded by prospective climbers since rock climbing accidents cause a large number of injuries and deaths every year. Injuries aren’t always the fault of the climber, and in many instances victims have a right to sue for damages.

Texas Rock Wall Injuries

Falling is the injury people most often associate with rock climbing in Houston, but there are a number of other dangers this activity can bring.

    • Strained or Torn Muscles – Climbing a rock wall incorporates multiple muscle groups all working in unison, and this makes strains and tears common.
    • Fractures – While falling may be the accident that causes fractures the most often, these injuries can occur even if a climber only slips and then slams their leg into the wall while trying to save themselves.
    • Mental Distress – Mental distress can occur when a person is rock climbing and begins to feel trapped the higher they go. If they’re unable to climb down to the bottom on their own then it’s often the responsibility of the staff to help them.


Finding the Cause of Injury

Every Houston accident must have something that causes it, and in climbing there are a large number of potential factors. Some of these include:

  • The condition of the equipment provided by the climbing business
  • The conduct of other climbers on the wall
  • Negligence on the part of the staff overseeing the wall