Child Paralysis – Child Injury

Child Paralysis – Child Injury

One of the most traumatic injuries a child can sustain is one that leaves them paralyzed in. An injury such as this dramatically alters the lifestyle of both the child and their parents and it can leave parents struggling to find ways to deal with massive medical bills that are common due to treatment and therapy. Parents facing this scenario should consider filing a personal injury lawsuit against those responsible, as this can place the obligation of paying medical bills on those who created them.


Long-Term Child Paralysis Care

Child paralysis is something that the child will likely be forced to live with for the rest of his life. This means there will be an ongoing need for care and therapy so the child can maintain a normal lifestyle into adulthood. Examples of treatment include:

  • Physical Therapy – If the child’s injuries are not too severe, there is a chance they could one day recover from their paralysis. Physical therapy will help them regain their freedom of movement and teach them how to protect themselves against further injury.
  • Mobility Equipment – There are a number of devices that can help those with paralysis overcome  challenges. The most common of these is a wheelchair, and this device can be either motorized or manually powered and tailored to fit the needs of the child.
  • Pain Relief – Paralysis can sometimes result in a child feeling pain long after the injury has been sustained. Medical professionals will often have to prescribe special medications for this type of pain since regular medications may be ineffective.

The sheer number of options when it comes to long-term care for those suffering from child paralysis means medical bills will be ongoing. It is often best if those who are responsible for causing the injury are held accountable, as this ensures the child gets the best medical treatment possible. If your child has been paralyzed, then you should contact a Houston, Texas personal injury attorney right away.