Were you injured in an accident in the Houston area? If so, then you need to contact a Houston personal injury attorney at Mukerji Law Firm today. This law firm can handle almost any accident that you encounter. Whether you were injured in a car wreck, a boating accident, a catastrophic injury accident, a bicycle accident, a construction accident, or a defective product accident Mukerji Law Firm can help. This firm also handles mass tort claims and nursing home abuse allegations. Has your child been injured? Mukerji Law Firm is willing to come alongside you and seek justice for your young one. They will help you to seek damages when you child is harmed due to neglect, an animal attack, or any other situation. If you lost a precious loved one in an accident, then you can also file suit for wrongful death. While the firm understands that money will never fill the hole that is left by your lost loved one, the finances may be able to help you with the expenses that arrive after a death.

Whenever you choose to litigate in a personal injury case, you need a hardworking, compassionate, and fearless attorney to come alongside you. You also want a firm that is not afraid to take a case to trial. Many lawyers will do everything that they can to avoid taking a case to court. They will try to negotiate with insurance companies and parties involved. Often if they can’t achieve a settlement this way, then lawyers will abandon a case. But with Mukerji Law Firm, you will get a lawyer who intends to stand by you the entire process. If things with your personal injury case get complicated, they are ready to take the case to court. Mukerji Law Firm is also dedicated to personalized service. They want to learn the ins and outs of your specific case and develop a personalized case that they will use to fight for you. They want to get you the maximum compensation they can manage, and they want to do this while treating you as a valued individual. At Mukerji Law Firm, the lawyers have the experience and credentials to represent you.

If you want to get to know the firm a little bit more, then you should check out their Facebook page for more information. You can also get to know them by following them on Twitter. Both of these social media outlets will provide you with important firm information as well as interesting news stories that cover personal injury throughout America. If there are changes to personal injury law, or if a serious catastrophe occurs, the attorneys and staff at our firm will be right there to tell you about the details. Add the firm on Linked In as well, or look them up on Yelp and Yellow Pages. The firm office is open from Monday to Friday from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM and they will take almost any form of payment, from credit cards to checks or cash. The firm can handle almost any medical malpractice claim or other accident situation where you need help.

You can call the firm at 713-222-1222 for more information about the firm today! Mukerji Law Firm has a Houston office that you can visit at 2405 Smith Street Houston, TX 77006. If you need representation in pharmaceutical litigation or an ATV accident then don’t hesitate to call or stop by.

If you contact the firm, they will offer you a free case evaluation. This is a valuable resource which can help you to determine whether or not you have a case that is worth pursuing. Sometimes, you may not even realize that there is a possibility for litigation in your accident. If you are not 100 percent at fault for an injury that you received, then it will be a benefit to you to discuss your situation with an attorney at this firm. You may learn that you can litigate, and eventually obtain a substantial settlement for your accident. You can use this money to help you as you recover and take time off work to rest and heal.

Don’t avoid calling because of a language barrier. Mr. Mukerji at the firm speaks Spanish and Bengali. As a member of the Texas Trial Lawyers Association and the Houston Bar Association, he is certainly capable to take on your case. The other attorneys are here to help English-speaking clients. Every attorney at the firm has been admitted to the Texas Bar. Get started by hiring one of these accomplished attorneys to help you today!

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