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(Stefan Rousseau/PA via AP) Last week a young girl from the United Kingdom died while playing in a bounce house. The death occurred when a strong gust of wind lifted the bounce house, with the girl inside, into the air sending it soaring a mile away from its original location. Atmospheric science professor John Knox CONTINUE READING →

The Incredible Hulk Roller Coaster broke down at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida, leaving 32 people stranded on the ride for several hours. The ride stalled 50 feet from the platform due to a glitch, and the passengers were alerted of the situation 10 minutes later. Some of the riders were able to escape onto a CONTINUE READING →

One story that is heard far too often is one where a child and their parents go to a party or event and the child ends up injured while using a bounce house. Bounce houses are popular attractions for children because of the fun they provide, but they’re also one of the most dangerous and resulted CONTINUE READING →



How much fun is too much fun? A look at child safety incidents in 2014 might give you an idea. When it comes to protecting your children, sometimes storing the matches out of reach and encouraging them to “look both ways” just isn’t enough. Check out this overview of accidents involving kids over the last CONTINUE READING →

Childcare settings are all about educating children through games and activities. But when something goes wrong, you might begin to question every detail of what goes on at your child’s daycare. To gain a better understanding, let’s start with our own game of “True or False.” Licensed childcare facilities have a legal responsibility to prevent and CONTINUE READING →

Go-karts can be an exciting and adventurous experience for your thrill-seeking kid, but they can also be very dangerous. Simply put, a go-kart accident, even with proper safety equipment, rarely results in zero injuries. Below are the types of injuries that typically result from go-kart accidents, listed in order of seriousness: Loss of limb, traumatic head or CONTINUE READING →