Houston Bicycle Accident Lawyer

Injured in a bicycle accident? Get a Houston bicycle accident attorney on your side.

A bicycle accident will often result in permanent injuries or death. The initial impact frequently leads to severe physical damage; secondary impacts, whether with the vehicle, other vehicles, or the roadbed make the possibility of severe or catastrophic injuries very high. At our firm, Mukerji Law Firm, we represent victims in bicycle accident cases, and serve as counsel for families in wrongful death claims. Read our case results for information about the millions in damages we have recovered for our clients.

Our focus is on seeking justice for the injured. As Mukerji Law Firm, we have an uncommon level of training and skill to bring to the table for you or your family. Each case is carefully analyzed to determine the value of the claim. The degree of the injuries suffered, and the long-term impact on the victim must be explored, so that the maximum in compensation is sought in a settlement or lawsuit.


Types of Bicycle Accident Injuries

Common injuries in bicycle accidents include traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, broken bones, internal injuries, and in many tragic cases, fatal injuries. A bicyclist has rights; a driver of a car, truck or other vehicle that causes an injury accident must be held accountable. Whether the accident is the result of reckless driving, drunk driving, a distracted driver or other situation, our Houston bicycle accident attorney should get involved early in the process. Although the case may appear simple, the insurance company may be difficult to deal with, and an initial settlement offer may not even cover the medical costs. We urge you to get legal representation at once if you or your family member has suffered a serious injury or died in a bicycle accident. We are committed to serving our clients with the highest level of personal service and dedication. Your case matters to us. We have achieved results in a great number of personal injury cases, including bicycle accidents, and can act quickly to take action if another party was at fault. Contact Mukerji Law Firm now.