Houston Defective Product Attorney

Have you been injured by a defective product in Houston?

Whenever you use any product for its purposed task, you are not expecting to be injured or killed as a result. Yet, a defective product can suddenly and unexpectedly do just that. Millions of products, anything from cars and boats to appliances, computers and cell phones can potentially cause physical harm if the product is defective. The personal injury lawyers at Mukerji Law Firm are knowledgeable and skilled at helping their clients receive the compensation they deserve when they have been injured by such a product.

A product can become defective from more than one source. The manufacturer is often the common target, but problems can also occur with packaging, design, distributors, retailers and display placement. Electrical equipment can short out and cause fires. Handles can come apart. Fingers and limbs can get trapped. Dangerous chemicals can be released. Brakes on vehicles can be faulty. Children can swallow small toy parts. Prescribed medications could be later be discovered to be dangerous drugs with significant side effects. The list goes on and on.

When a consumer uses a product as intended, and suffers an injury or death as a result, the responsible party must be held accountable and compensate that consumer. Some products don’t fit this situation, however. Certain products carry with it an innate condition rendering them unsafe even when used as directed. Examples could be certain machinery or even certain foods and beverages.

When you lay your child to rest, it’s essential that his crib is safe. If your infant was injured because of a defective crib, then you need to take legal action today.


Defective Product Lawyer in Houston – Injury Claims

Pursuing a claim for injuries or wrongful death caused by a defective product needs a qualified personal injury legal team experienced in these cases. Many big companies have formidable legal counsels and immense resources to protect themselves. We are tireless in helping our deserving clients receive the financial compensation they should expect when a company, through negligence, puts a product on the market that causes injury, pain, death, illness or other damages. Contact our firm to learn more about how we can help you.