Houston Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

Has a loved one suffered abuse in a nursing home in Houston?

It is a terrible thing to suspect or discover that your loved one has suffered abuse while in a nursing home. More often than not, these victims are unable or afraid to speak up, and the abuse continues or goes undetected. At Mukerji Law Firm, our personal injury attorneys are passionate about seeing that these individuals in nursing homes, victims of abuse, are treated with dignity and humanity, and where abuse has occurred, be compensated for their pain and suffering.

Abuse in nursing homes takes on many forms. It can be physical abuse with resultant bruises and cuts, even broken bones. In some cases, the situation is mental and emotional abuse, where the caretaker uses intimidation and other emotional scare tactics to control the abused. There is also sexual abuse, a terrible and devastating criminal act. Financial abuse is another, where the offender steals money or commits fraud, all with the intent to illegally obtain money from the victim. Sometimes nursing home residents are simply neglected, left to fend for themselves while being ignored by the caregivers, overmedicated, underfed, and with lack of proper hygiene.

Any of these acts is unconscionable and the responsible parties must be held accountable. There are several indicators that could show that a patient in a nursing home is suffering from abuse, such as suddenly noticing bruises or cuts, the victim becoming more withdrawn or acting differently, or unexplained purchases and debits from a bank account. Bedsores, malnourishment and untreated injuries are often signs of negligence. For a frail, elderly person, this abuse can mean loss of life.


Nursing Home Abuse Attorney in Houston

It is important that you contact a personal injury lawyer immediately if you think your loved one is being abused in a nursing home. We are experienced in investigating and addressing these cases. It takes a careful and sensitive examination of the facts and circumstances. When any injuries or suffering has occurred due to the negligence or criminal acts of another, you can be assured we will do whatever is necessary to see that it is stopped and full restitution is made. Contact our firm today for professional and compassionate representation.