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In the fast-paced, hi-tech society of today, drivers are faced with lots of distractions. From smartphones to booming bass speakers, remaining focused on the road is hard to do. According to the National Center for Statistics and Analysis, around ten Americans die each day in accidents involving a distracted driver. Another thousand receive significant injuries. With CONTINUE READING →

(Stefan Rousseau/PA via AP) Last week a young girl from the United Kingdom died while playing in a bounce house. The death occurred when a strong gust of wind lifted the bounce house, with the girl inside, into the air sending it soaring a mile away from its original location. Atmospheric science professor John Knox CONTINUE READING →

The Incredible Hulk Roller Coaster broke down at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida, leaving 32 people stranded on the ride for several hours. The ride stalled 50 feet from the platform due to a glitch, and the passengers were alerted of the situation 10 minutes later. Some of the riders were able to escape onto a CONTINUE READING →

Almost 2 million people are rushed to emergency rooms every year because of head injuries. Examinations done by medical professionals reveal that most of these injuries result in concussions that affect the way a person processes and recalls information, as well as causing severe headaches. What most people want to really know is what actually CONTINUE READING →

One of the worst calls a parent can ever receive is when their child is injured while under the supervision of a daycare. These events often leave parents feeling helpless because it forces them to make the decision as to whether their child is safe at their current daycare or needs to be transferred to a new CONTINUE READING →

One of the greatest fears for those who are injured is the uncertainty that comes from the costs associated with hiring an attorney. Most injured persons are pleased when they learn that in many instances hiring a personal injury attorney will cost them nothing until their case has been finished. This method of payment is known as CONTINUE READING →