One of the worst calls a parent can ever receive is when their child is injured while under the supervision of a daycare. These events often leave parents feeling helpless because it forces them to make the decision as to whether their child is safe at their current daycare or needs to be transferred to a new one. While minor scrapes and bruises may happen on occasion, there are certain instances that daycare operators must report within two days, and these are the instances parents should be aware of.

Unsafe or Unsanitary Conditions

If the operator of a daycare notices anything that may make their structure unsafe or unsanitary for children they must report this immediately. This information must be reported to the governing body that licenses daycare facilities so an investigation can take place. Whether or not children will be allowed into the daycare is dependent upon the severity of the reported condition and is up to the licensing agency.


If a child is injured while in the care of the daycare the staff must notify the licensing agency if the injury requires medical treatment. The licensing agency will also likely perform an investigation in this instance to ensure the child was not injured due to the negligence of the daycare staff.

Communicable Diseases

Children who are discovered to have a communicable disease must be removed from the daycare facility immediately and the licensing agency must be notified. If this event occurs the children exposed to the ill child will often have to undergo a medical examination and the daycare will be required to sanitize their facility before children will be allowed to return.

Criminal Actions by Staff

Any person who is required to undergo a background check during the hiring process is expected to maintain a clean criminal record. If one of these individuals is arrested or charged with a crime this must be reported to the licensing agency. This individual will likely be placed under investigation to ensure it is safe for them to be working with children.

Negligent Behavior

When daycare staff display any form of negligence while supervising children this must be reported to the licensing agency. Examples of negligence range from a child being left unsupervised to a child leaving the facility without adult supervision. If this occurs the licensing agency will likely conduct an investigation to determine the cause of the incident.

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