The hectic pace of modern life has left many parents with no other option than to leave their child in the care of others during the day. Many parents are hesitant to make the choice of who will look after their child, and some see their fears become reality when they discover their child has been injured while under the supervision of a day care. There are numerous laws that dictate how a day care must be operated, and this is why parents are often eligible to file a lawsuit against the day care when injuries occur.

Gathering Evidence of Day Care Abuse

A case involving an injured child will only be as strong as the evidence that supports it. Parents should act immediately when they notice signs of neglect or injury, as this allows crucial pieces of the puzzle to be collected before the day care employees have time to react. Steps parents can take to expose abusive conduct include:

  • Requesting to stay with the child during their daycare visit, as this allows parents to see how the day care staff interacts with children
  • Speaking with other parents who have children enrolled in the day care
  • Taking notice of differences in the child’s behavior and asking them questions about their time at day care

Day Care Injuries to be Aware Of

There are two types of injuries that children may suffer while in day care, and these can be labeled either minor or severe. Minor injuries include small scrapes or bruises that can be attributed to common activities that children take part in. Even in the case of minor injuries, day cares may still be liable and open to being sued.

Severe injuries often result in parents being notified as soon as they occur, but some day cares will try to cover up such accidents, and this is when parents and their attorney often have to investigate in order to uncover the truth. Severe injuries may occur when:

  • Day care staff are negligent and don’t monitor the child
  • The day care facility doesn’t have adequate protections in place to keep children away from dangerous rooms or equipment
  • The day care bus or van is involved in an accident
  • The toys the day care provides are defective or unsafe in their current condition

All the severe injuries listed above are attributable to external factors within the day care, but the staff can just as easily be the cause of any injuries the child has. Parents facing this scenario should contact their attorney and the police immediately, as this event often results in both civil litigation and criminal charges being brought against the day care and its staff.

Hire a Day Care Lawyer

After your child has been injured at a negligent day care, it’s important that you seek legal action immediately. The faster you find a personal injury attorney, the quicker he can begin working on your case. Schedule a free case evaluation today by calling 713-222-1222.

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