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As an individual is enjoying the thrills of an amusement park, it isn’t uncommon for them to stop and wonder how many people are injured every year at this type of venue. This curiosity often arises because amusement park activities leave little room for error, and this means injuries can occur when least expected. Of the 8,800 serious injuries that occurred at amusement parks in 2006, there were some that appeared to be the most common.

1) Falling

Many of the rides at amusement parks go dozens of feet in the air and then plunge riders back towards the earth in a controlled fall. When something goes wrong during this process individuals are often severely or fatally injured, and those who survive this ordeal are often in need of extensive physical therapy in order to regain their ability to function in their everyday life.

2) Whiplash

It is not uncommon to hear park visitors complain that one or more rides whipped them around or jarred them while it was in motion. This is because the rides at amusement parks often try to combine both speed and a variety of twists and turns, and this can lead to injuries of the head, neck and back. Those at greater risk for this type of injury should take the time to learn about what a ride entails before getting on it.

3) Fractures & Lacerations

Due to the fast speeds and collisions of some amusement park rides it is not uncommon for individuals to suffer lacerations and fractures. The best way for visitors to avoid this type of injury is to adhere to all posted safety signs and have injuries of this type treated immediately, as lacerations can become infected and fractures can worsen if ignored.

4) Drowning

Water rides pose a real risk to visitors because many of these rides involve both water and high speeds. Those who are unable to swim should avoid water rides that will place them directly in water and ensure a lifeguard is on duty if being submerged in water is unavoidable.

5) If an Injury Occurs

If an amusement park visitor is injured they should report this fact to the park staff immediately. This will ensure a report is created and that every detail of the injuring event is able to be recalled later. Visitors should also take photographs of their injuries and the area where the event occurred, as these photos will be valuable evidence should the injured person decide to file a lawsuit at a later time. Once you have taken the photos, the next step is to contact a personal injury attorney who can further assist you.

*Winter Wonderland – Hyde Park by Sarah_Ackerman / CC BY 2.0

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