When a child is injured parents often have to take on the role of an investigator and record keeper in order to ensure those responsible are held accountable. Both of these roles are of vital importance because it is during the act of carrying out these tasks that parents will get a clear picture of what caused the injury so this information can be relayed to an attorney.


Parents should begin their investigation as soon as their child has been treated by a medical professional. All of the information from the investigation should be noted in a journal so the attorney of the parents can review this information later.

  • Factors – The first thing parents will want to do is discover any individuals, products, and events that are associated with the injury. This information can paint a clearer picture of what occurred and help the parent and their attorney determine where the blame truly belongs.
  • External Factors – Parents should also take note of factors that may even appear on the surface to have nothing to do with the injury. Examples of this include the time of day and weather, as these both may play a role even if it seems unlikely.
  • Behaviors – The behaviors of those involved should also be taken into account. If a person seems as though they’re uncomfortable or defensive this should noted as well since it may indicate they know something about the event they’re not willing to readily share.

Record Keeper

The records that are presented during a case are also of vital importance because these pieces of information or objects are often admitted as evidence during the lawsuit. Important records for parents to gather include:

  • Medical Documentation – Injury lawsuits rely heavily on medical documentation to prove both the extent of the injury and its cause. Parents should keep medical records separate from everything else because this will ensure records are not overlooked and the attorney can build the best case.
  • Photographs – Parents should take multiple photos of both the scene where the injury occurred and the injury itself. Photos of the injury should include both close-ups of the any injuries as well as pictures of the entire child. Photos of the scene should include every detail possible and any close-ups of anything parents might think was a contributing factor to the injury.
  • Behavior Journal – Sitting down and talking with their child about the details of the injury should also be something that parents do. Parents can document any information their child gives them as well any other observations that may potentially be attributable to the injury.

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After a child has been injured, the first thing a parent should do is make sure the situation is safe and begin collecting evidence. After those two things, the next step is to contact a personal injury attorney. Schedule your free case review today by calling 713-222-1222.

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