During the summer months, one of the most popular forms of family entertainment involves visiting an amusement park in Houston, Texas. While people head to these parks to have a good time, the sad truth is that a number of them will be injured in accidents during their visit. The high cost of maintaining amusement parks coupled with a downturn in attendance has led many operators to take safety shortcuts, often with devastating results.

Rides a Major Contributing Factor

A good number of amusement park injuries happen on rides. These injuries are caused by a number of things, which can include:

  • Faulty maintenance
  • Poor design and inadequate testing of new rides
  • Operator error
  • Failure to supervise patrons properly
  • Lack of safety inspections

It only takes one small thing to go wrong before a rider suffers debilitating injuries in Houston, Texas. One of the most common injuries that happen on amusement park rides is whiplash whenever the head or neck is suddenly thrust in one direction or another. Guests could also suffer broken bones, head injuries, brain or spinal cord injuries or concussions; in some cases, death may even ensue.

After an Amusement Park Accident

When an injury is apparent immediately, park staff should perform an immediate investigation into the matter before transporting the victim to the nearest hospital. This is so that other patrons inside the park do not meet a similar or even worse fate. Some injuries such as whiplash may not be noticed immediately after riding, in which case the park should be notified as soon as possible. Their reaction should still be the same-to provide an immediate investigation into the matter so that no one else is injured.

After receiving medical treatment, victims should file a claim with the park’s corporate office for their damages. Unfortunately, many people have difficulty settling their claim in this manner, leaving them with no other alternative than to take legal action.

If you are in this situation, then it’s important that you seek professional legal assistance ASAP so you can assess your options. Schedule a free case evaluation today by calling 713-222-1222.