Determining fault in an accident is sometimes very difficult to do unless the right evidence is available. Photographic evidence can be especially helpful, which is why accident victims should take pictures and videos of the scene as soon as possible.

Taking Photos at the Scene

At the scene of an accident, pictures should be taken of all vehicles involved. There should be pictures taken from various angles, as this can help investigators determine what actually happened just before an accident. It is also a good idea to take several detailed pictures of any damage to the vehicles, as this can help prevent people from making fraudulent claims later.

Pictures of the accident scene can be helpful, but videos are even better. Videos can capture things that may not be easy to see in a still photograph, as it can show traffic or current weather conditions in much greater detail.

After the Accident: Revisiting the Scene

It is also a good idea to return to the scene of an accident a few days afterwards in order to take pictures or videos. By doing so, victims may be able to capture details that were previously overlooked. For example, a traffic light that doesn’t work properly or broken pavement might have contributed to an accident, but this fact might not have been known at the time. Making a return visit could just provide some missing pieces of the puzzle that could make proving damages much easier to do.

Photographs of Physical Injuries

Accident victims should also take photographs of their injuries whenever it is practical to do so. Many people are squeamish about doing this, but it can nonetheless be important. If possible, photographs of injured parties should be taken before people are moved, as this can also go a long way toward proving the exact cause of an injury. Even so, taking pictures should never take precedence over providing medical care or other assistance.

Validating Photographs

In a court of law, photographs may need to be validated by the person who took them before they can be used as evidence. The requirements for validating photographs varies, but can sometimes be a simple as a written affidavit from the photographer attesting to the time, date and place where they were taken. A personal injury attorney can be an excellent source of information when it comes to determining the requirements for validating photographs during any legal proceedings.

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