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Bus companies must comply with stringent safety requirements for their equipment and drivers. When these companies fail to ensure safety requirements are met, an accident can easily ensue. Bus accidents can happen in a number of ways, and here are some of the most unusual ones we’ve heard of to date. 1) Senior Citizen Crash CONTINUE READING →

People who rent cars are most likely to do so because they require a safe and reliable mode of transportation. They give their money to rental car companies fully believing that they will be provided with such a vehicle. When consumers are injured in an accident because their rental car was not properly maintained, rental companies could CONTINUE READING →

A driver police believe was driving drunk hit and killed an 8-year-old boy in southeast Houston. Euaristo Hinojosa-Pena was speeding on Lenore and Arizona at around 10pm on Sunday, when he clipped a boy riding a bike. The boy’s identity has not been released, but he was visiting his grandmother, which he does often. The CONTINUE READING →

A Dunbar armored van hit and killed a 6-year-old boy near downtown Houston. The little boy was crossing the street with his mother and another woman. According to investigators, the trio did not yield to oncoming traffic and were struck by the van. The boy and his mother were taken to LBJ Hospital, where the CONTINUE READING →

Children are placed in foster care every day in an effort to protect them from harmful situations. Removing them from their home doesn’t always accomplish this purpose, as a number of them will be abused or neglected while in foster care. These children’s injuries are magnified by the emotional trauma surrounding their circumstances, and it CONTINUE READING →



A recent report linked 303 deaths to faulty airbags in recalled GM vehicles. GM recalled 1.6 million vehicles with faulty ignition switches that could turn off the engine, which disables the airbags. The study by the Center for Auto Safety reviewed federal crash data and linked the deaths to this recall. GM officials say that CONTINUE READING →

According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), more than 200,000 children are injured each year on playgrounds, and about a dozen of them die. They also report that the majority of accidents occur for the same reasons, and that a good number of them could easily be preventable. Faulty Equipment or Playground Design Accidents are CONTINUE READING →