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A semi-truck driver crashed into a bridge beam on I-35 bridge north of Austin. The accident caused the overpass to collapse and resulted in several injuries and one death. The highway was under construction before the incident occurred and both lanes were shut down afterwards.  TxDOT did not give an estimate of when the lanes would be opened again. CONTINUE READING →

Fiat Chrysler is now being named in a 2008-2010 class-action lawsuit, which covers the Dodge Caravan, Chrysler Town and Country, and Dodge Journey. The Fiat Chrysler is accused of having defective ignition switches, which has been linked to 57 deaths. Chrysler is now recalling 2.59 million small cars. Congress has also added a $35 million fine for CONTINUE READING →

There are approximately 26,298 serious or fatal vehicle accidents in Texas every year caused by drunk drivers, and this equates to three accidents every hour. Those who decide to operate a vehicle while intoxicated not only place themselves in danger, but also every person they’re sharing the road with. Facts about Drunk Driving The Foundation for CONTINUE READING →

Accidents involving buses often result in injuries that are severe and sometimes fatal in Houston, as these vehicles commonly aren’t equipped with safety belts to protect passengers in the event of a crash. Cases such as this are especially difficult when the bus in question is used to transport students back and forth to school. Data CONTINUE READING →

Buying a new vehicle is a time of excitement for most people, but this enthusiasm quickly fades when owners learn their new vehicle is due for maintenance because of a recall. Automotive recalls often range from benign cosmetic defects to serious dangers that put drivers and everyone around them at risk. Throughout automotive history there have CONTINUE READING →