Houston Dangerous Drug Attorney

Injured by taking a dangerous drug in Houston?

Have you experienced an unexpected injury or complication after taking a medication prescribed by your doctor? If so, you should talk with a personal injury lawyer with Mukerji Law Firm in Houston who is experienced with defective products litigation. Drugs can become dangerous when they are manufactured incorrectly or when the doctor incorrectly prescribes them. The resulting injuries can be serious, even causing death, and you may be able to collect compensation for these complications.

There are certain drugs that after being put on the market are later determined to be dangerous. In some of these cases, mass tort claims have been filed. Some drugs are known to become dangerous if they are used over an extended period of time. Examples of these could be certain antidepressants, Accutane, and some A.D.D. or A.D.H.D. medications. The types of injuries that can occur with taking a dangerous drug include organ damage, birth defects in infants, and wrongful death. In some cases, the side effects of taking a dangerous drug require additional treatment and other medications. More serious complications have included heart damage, heart attacks, damage to the liver and kidneys, stroke, cancer, suicide and death.


Dangerous Drug Lawyer in Houston: Litigation

Any person who has been injured by taking a prescribed dangerous drug needs to consult with our firm. We are skilled litigators when it comes to fighting against big pharmaceutical companies. You deserve to be compensated for any injuries brought about by a medication that was produced or prescribed negligently. These cases can be very complex. We have the most respected professional resources we can call upon as part of our thorough investigation, and we are relentless in going after those responsible for your injuries. Your life can take a traumatic downward turn by taking a dangerous drug that was supposed to help you. We are here to stand by you and fight for your rights. For more information, contact us right away.