Texas Statewide Accident Statistics

POSTED BY SKMUKERJI ON February 26, 2019


No one likes thinking about being involved in an auto accident. However, when you’re living in or moving to abusy area like Houston, Texas, having an understanding of vehicle accident statistics is essential. When you have this information, you can better equip yourself with insights into safety and risk factors when heading onto the roadways. The use of this data can also prepare you should you be involved in an accident, as well.

Texas Car Accident Statistics

Since November 7, 2000, there is one vehicle fatality every two hours and twenty minutes. What this means is that there hasn’t been a day without an auto fatality since that date. These statistics also point out that there’s one person experiencing an automobile-related injury every one minute and fifty-nine seconds. There’s also a vehicle crash that’s reportable occurring every fifty-seven seconds. Since that date, there have been 551,971 reported crashed throughout the state and, of those involved in the most injury and fatality related crashes, their ages have been between eighteen and thirty-four.

What Are the Causes?

When looking at the reports for these accidents, there are five major causes. These include drivers making unsafe lane changes, driving at excessive speeds, following too closely to other vehicles, failing to yield, and distracted driving. Drunk driving accidents are a significant issue in the state of Texas, as well, as there have been 987 people killed throughout the state. That’s 26 percent of the total people experiencing fatalities in auto accidents.

How Does Houston Rank?

Currently, Houston is ranking number one with the highest number of crashes. Houston’s statistics include having 12.8 percent of Texas’s total automobile crashes, as well as 15.39 percent of the total vehicle accidents throughout the rest of the state’s cities and towns. When you look further into these statistics for Houston, you’ll see that it’s the most dangerous city for driving. The main reason is that there have been the most fatalities, which were a total of 245. There were also a total of 1,304 vehicle crashes that involved incapacitated drivers, as well as a total of 67,241 auto crashes overall for the city. Houston also ranks number two for the state for DUI crashes with 1,560 as of 2017.


Looking at the Numbers

When you’re on the Texas roadways, it’s critical that you use extreme caution. However, those who are in Houston must be sure they’re not driving while distracted or at excessive speeds. Driving under the influence is never a good idea, nor is it a good idea to fail to yield or follow another vehicle too closely. While many reasons are contributing to automobile accidents throughout Houston, as well as the rest of the state of Texas, it’s essential for drivers to take heed of these statistics when entering roadways. In doing so, they’ll have a better chance of being safe and, if they are involved in an accident, they’ll be armed with the knowledge they need.

What Happens if You’re Involved in an Auto Accident?

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