Assessing the extent of a child’s injuries can often be difficult for parents and this can lead to hesitation when it comes to the decision of whether or not to contact emergency services. While avoiding this initial hesitation may be almost impossible, there are steps parents can take to determine whether or not their child is in need of immediate medical attention.

Child Injury Personal Observations

Immediately after a child is injured, adults should examine the child and their wounds to determine the severity of the injury. The primary thing to remember in this instance is that not all wounds will be visible on the surface. Some factors to consider include:

  • The Child’s Behavior – Are they slurring their speech or appear to be confused? This can be a sign of a concussion and requires immediate medical attention.
  • Complaints of Internal Pains – Any complaints of pain should be addressed immediately since there is no immediate way of determining whether internal injuries are minor or severe.
  • Numbness – Numbness in any extremities can be a sign of spinal damage and should be treated at a medical facility immediately.

Events Requiring Emergency Services

There are a number of events that require the presence of emergency services regardless of whether a child has apparent injuries or not, and these include:

  • Fires – If a fire occurs, emergency services should be alerted immediately because this will not only alert the fire department but medical services as well. Many times children inhale large amounts of smoke if they are exposed to an environment that is burning for any extended amount of time. Emergency services can ensure the child hasn’t inhaled excessive amounts of smoke and can take steps to treat them if they have.
  • Being Rendered Unconscious – If a child is injured and is unconscious for any period of time emergency services should be contacted immediately. Doing so will allow the medical professionals to examine the child for any further signs of injury that aren’t visible on the surface.

Creating a Medical Record

Calling emergency services in the event that a child is injured also ensures that medical documentation can be obtained in the event that a lawsuit is filed. Having injuries examined and treated as quickly as possible shows the true severity of the injury and makes it more likely that those responsible will be required to pay damages for the harm they have caused.

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