The hectic pace of life often forces parents to entrust their children to others so they can pursue career or educational goals in an attempt to make a better life for their family. Although many caretakers provide nothing but the most attentive and nurturing care, there are some that betray this trust and cause harm to children, and no injury often causes more long-term harm than shaken baby syndrome. Parents who fear their child might have been subjected to this can search for a few signs often associated with this type of injury.

Signs & Symptoms of SBS

Parents often suspect shaken baby syndrome when the behavior of their child changes in a noticeable and drastic manner. Some of the most readily noticeable symptoms include:

  • Loss of facial expressions such as smiling
  • Loss of appetite or difficulty chewing or swallowing food
  • Excessive fatigue that makes staying awake noticeably difficult
  • Respiratory problems such as shallow or intermittent breathing
  • Physical changes such as being excessively stiff or limp

Long-Term Effects of Shaken Baby Syndrome

Although shaken baby syndrome can be the result of a momentary lapse in control on the part of a parent or caretaker, the long-term effects can impair a child for the rest of their life. Many cases result in long-term injuries such as:

  • Loss of the ability to hear or see
  • Developmental problems such as learning disabilities and behavioral issues
  • Neurological issues such as brain damage, seizures, and paralysis

Approximately 25% of children that suffer from shaken baby syndrome die every year as a result of their injuries, and of those that do survive, 80% will suffer from at least one of the effects listed above for the rest of their life.

The Prevalence of Shaken Baby Syndrome

Research that appeared in the Journal of the American Medical Association showed that on average 1,300 children suffer from symptoms linked to shaken baby syndrome. This number is likely low since many parents don’t realize that a baby that is shaken for even a few seconds may have been injured.

Know the Facts

The best way for parents and caretakers to understand SBS is to prepare themselves with knowledge of what to expect when caring for a child becomes a part of their everyday lives. Expectations should include:

  • Crying – Parents and caretakers should know that babies may cry for 3 hours or more every day, and that putting a child in a place like a bassinet and stepping out of the room is beneficial to reducing stress levels.
  • Symptoms – Parents should inform themselves about the symptoms of shaken baby syndrome. This way they can take legal action if necessary.

Hiring A SBS Attorney

SBS is one of the most difficult things a parent will need to face. Their child’s health and well-being are on the line. The best way to correct the situation is to seek justice. Learn more about your case by scheduling a free case review. Just call 713.766.5400.

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