There is no activity that is more demanding on the body than rock climbing, and this is because it takes muscles in the legs, arms, and back all working together to make the climb successful. Indoor rock climbing has seen a surge in popularity, and this newfound interest means people now have access to a controlled climbing environment that is designed to be safe.

This focus on safety means those who are injured should consider speaking with an attorney, as these legal professionals can determine whether the business operating the rock wall can be held liable for causing the injury.

Negligence Often Results in Injuries

There are a number of injuries that individuals can suffer while engaging in rock climbing activities, but some of the most common include:

  • Slipping – When a climber slips off the wall they’re climbing this can result in injuries if they swing back into the wall with excessive force caused by the swinging motion.
  • Equipment Failure – The most important part of any rock climber’s equipment is their rope and carabiner, as these two items support them and prevent them from falling. If either piece of this equipment were to fail the climber could potentially fall dozens of feet and be severely or fatally injured.
  • Falling Objects – There are often lines for those who want to climb a rock wall, and this means there are always people below those on the wall. If a person drops something from high up on the rock wall this can cause serious injury to anyone below.

All of the instances listed above generally occur because the facility that owns the rock wall was negligent in ensuring the safety of the customers on their property. If the choices or actions of the facility led to the injury taking place it’s almost guaranteed they’re eligible to have a lawsuit filed against them.

Documenting Evidence

The fact that a vast number of people use the same equipment and facilities during rock climbing activities means there is a greater risk of evidence being lost as time passes. In order to prevent this from occurring climbers should take steps to document evidence so they can present it to their attorney, including:

  • Taking photographs of any unsafe conditions that exist within the facility
  • Photographing or requesting to keep any failed equipment that often proves why the climber was injured
  • Speaking with and writing down the personal information and testimony of any witnesses that saw the accident occur

Filing a lawsuit due to a rock climbing injury is not only beneficial for ensuring that medical bills can be paid, but also helps protect everyone else who enjoys taking part in this activity.

Get Legal Help Today!

Rock climbing injures are tough to fight in court without the assistance of a well-trained attorney. However, with an expert on your side, you can begin building a case and get the justice you deserve. Call 713-222-1222 today to schedule a free case evaluation.

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