Parents and caretakers often go to great lengths to ensure their children don’t get into medications or substances that can cause poisoning, but even diligence sometimes can’t prevent this frightening occurrence from happening. There are numerous substances that lead to children being poisoned every year, but there are a couple that are found to be the cause the most often.


It is estimated that 70% of all people in the United States take some form of prescription medication, and this means there are ample opportunities for children to ingest substances that are harmful to them. While accidentally leaving out medications is commonly the cause of poisoning, there are a few ways parents can reduce this risk.

  • Place guests’ belongings in places where children don’t have access, as many people keep medications in purses and other clothing with pockets.
  • Ensure every medication received from the pharmacy has a child-resistant lid. Also make sure these lids are securely locked after medication is taken and stored in a safe place.
  • Make medicine a serious issue by taking it in private and not making it seem fun or attractive for children to take.

Common Household Items

People often don’t realize that much of what they leave lying around their home can be poisonous to children. This negligence often stems from the fact that adults don’t associate many items with potential poisonings like they associate this with medications.

  • Cosmetics – Children may see a parent using cosmetics and want to imitate them, and the child’s curiosity is often what leads to them being ingested
  • Cleaning Products – Cleaning products are often kept under the sink in the kitchen, and this means children can easily access these poisons if protective locks aren’t in place
  • Plants – While plants are often used to beautify a home, many varieties pose a serious risk to any person who ingests them
  • All-Natural Products – Even products labeled as “all-natural” can pose a poisoning risk to children, as many of the ingredients are still not safe for human consumption

Outside Assistance for Poisoned Children

Those who have small children in their home should consult with their medical providers to gain further knowledge on how they can avoid inadvertently leaving poisons around the home. This discussion should include both the parent and child learning these facts together, as this will give the parent knowledge and ensure children know the real consequences that poisoning can have.

Hire a Poison Lawyer

If your child has been poisoned due to negligence on somebody’s part, then you may be facing some large medical bills. Besides the medical expenses, you will also experience anguish as any good parent would. You should speak with a qualified attorney to see how they can help you. Schedule a free case evaluation by calling 713.766.5400.

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