POSTED BY SAM MUKERJI ON September 12, 2014

Those who enjoy playing sports often assume they can’t file a lawsuit if they’re injured because of the assumed risk that comes with these activities. The main aspect of this event for individuals to examine is the cause of the injury. If a source besides the act of taking part in the activity itself is determined to be the cause of the injury than injured persons often have a strong case for filing a lawsuit.


Negligence comes in many forms, but in sports it most commonly occurs when a person fails to fulfill an obligation and this results in another person being injured. Negligence may not only involve issues such as equipment maintenance, but can include a person not properly explaining the way equipment is used or allowing a game to take place when unsafe conditions are known to exist.

Unsafe Conditions

When a person plays a sport they often expect the field or court to be maintained in a certain way. Two areas where sports often take place include:

  • Outdoor Fields – When a person plays a sport outdoors on grass or turf, it is expected that the playing surface will be level and free from any dangers. If uneven terrain results in a person falling and being injured this is often enough to warrant an injury lawsuit.
  • Indoor Courts – A greater amount of attention is paid to indoor courts because these are completely artificial environments. If an issue such as a loose board or slick surface causes an injury, victims can often receive compensation.

Dangerous Equipment

Many sports involve the use of at least one piece of equipment, and it is the responsibility of the equipment owner to ensure these devices are safe for people to use. If an individual uses a piece of equipment correctly but is still injured they can hold the owner responsible by filing a lawsuit.

Children in Sports

There is a far greater risk of negligence when it comes to cases involving children, and this is because every person tasked with coaching or protecting children during sporting events can be held responsible of negligence if an injury occurs.

Children are at a greater risk of injury because they are expected to do what the adults tell them, and this can result in a child blindly walking into danger simply because they don’t know any different. Adults can also be held responsible if a child is injured and it is not reported immediately or the injury gets worse.

Taking Legal Action

Many sporting injuries are unfortunate as they can be avoided if everyone involved with maintaining the field and equipment was responsible. Unfortunately, there are many negligent people in the world. If you or a loved one has been injured, then you should seek the counsel of a personal injury attorney today.

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