Easter is supposed to be a fun holiday to spend time with friends and family. Many times, the excitement of the season coupled with adverse conditions results in injuries that turn this festive occasion into something unpleasant. Here are some ways you can avoid the most common holiday injuries so that everyone in your family can enjoy this Easter the way they should.

Preventing Slips and Falls

Slips and falls are by and large the biggest cause of injury among children. Kids are more likely to slip and fall whenever it’s wet outside, as is often the case during the Easter season. To prevent them from falling, never allow them to play on playground equipment or jump on trampolines when they are wet. Ensure your kids wear the proper footwear when playing outside. Those dressy shoes might be perfect for church, but they’re not necessarily ideal for playing in afterwards.

Children can fall indoors as well. As such, have them take off wet shoes whenever they come inside so that floors won’t get soaked, thereby creating conditions that are ideal for falling.

Bicycle and Pedestrian Accidents

You may allow your children to play outside a little later in the evening now that the days are getting longer. If so, you need to ensure that they don’t stay out too long if they are walking or riding bicycles. Children are more likely to get hit by a car at dusk, so be sure they are home well before the sun starts going down. If they must stay out later, be sure they are wearing reflective clothing and carrying a flashlight in order to help them stay safe.

Automobile Accidents

Beginning on Good Friday, a number of people will hit the roads while traveling to visit friends or family members. Whenever there is an increased amount of traffic on the roads, the number of automobile accidents also increases. Remember this whenever you are traveling, so that you can plan enough time to get to your destination safely. If possible, avoid driving during peak travel hours. You’ll not only avoid congestion, but decrease your risk of being involved in an accident as well.

By following these safety tips, you can reduce the odds that your children will be involved in an accident this Easter. That way, you can spend time making great memories rather than nursing a wound that might easily have been prevented if the right precautions were taken.

Professional Legal Representation

Even with good planning, it’s possible for somebody to get injured due to negligence from a third party. If you or a loved one have been injured, then it’s important that you speak with a professional to review your options. The first step is to schedule a free case evaluation so you can get more information. Call 713-222-1222 to speak with an injury attorney today.

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