An amusement park is designed to be a place of fun and carefree excitement, but every year there are thousands of injuries sustained by park guests or members of their families. One of the most difficult injuries for a person to endure is when their child is injured at an amusement park due to circumstances beyond their control. Some individuals think the inherent risks of visiting an amusement park makes legal recourse an impossibility, but this is often not the case.

Amusement Park Common Dangers

Each amusement park will have its own distinct set of rides, but their common design makes injury classification far simpler.

High Speeds – These injuries often occur when a person is exposed to the high speeds of roller coasters. The injuries can include brain aneurysms, brain damage from G-forces and lacerations and fractures caused by collisions.

Water Rides – Water rides can cause severe injuries when guests are swept up by strong currents. Individuals weakened or unable to recover from their injuries may eventually drown if they don’t receive assistance from park personnel.

Impact – Many of the rides at amusement parks subject guests to jarring movements and sudden impacts, and this can lead to injuries in the back and neck.

Establishing Liability

Those who are injured at amusement parks are often in need of medical care, meaning medical bills will soon follow. An injured person should begin exploring their legal options as soon as the injury occurs, as swift legal action is often the best way to ensure recovery takes place. Amusement parks are often liable for a person’s injuries when:

  • A ride is deemed to be unsafe due to negligence on the part of park staff to maintain the ride to the highest standard of safety
  • The staff of the amusement park improperly operate the ride or carry out actions that obviously put the riders in danger of injury
  • The staff fails to provide adequate instruction on how to safely enjoy the ride in question, making injury almost a certainty

Additional Theme Park Liabilities

The dangers of going on amusement park rides isn’t the only liability these businesses face, as they are responsible for providing a safe environment at all times. Additional cases of liability may include:

  • Parking Lot Theft – It is the job of the amusement park to ensure parking areas are safe from theft or physical danger.
  • Sanitary Conditions – If a guest becomes sick after eating at an amusement park restaurant this can lead to a lawsuit being filed by the parents of the child who got sick.

Theme Park Lawyer

Getting injured is scary. Not only do you need to worry about your physical health, but you may be out of work for weeks or months, depending on the severity of your injuries. One of the best decisions you can make after getting injured is hiring a personal injury attorney. Schedule your free case evaluation today by calling 713-222-1222.

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