Most parents seek only the best forms of entertainment for their child’s birthday party, but many parents don’t realize that this decision may place their child and many of their friends at a severe risk of injury. One of the most common forms of entertainment at children’s parties are inflatable bounce houses, and these devices accounted for 64,000 injuries that occurred between the years of 1990 and 2010. While the type of injuries sustained in a bounce house can vary, there are a few that are the most prominent.

Tooth Loss

Many of the children who enjoy bounce houses are of the age when their bodies are still developing and their baby teeth are giving way to their permanent replacements. Tooth loss often occurs in bounce houses because these devices involve the placement of multiple children in a small environment where they will likely be running and bumping into one another.

When a child loses either an adult or baby tooth, this can be dangerous. Baby teeth lost too early can result in the adult teeth not coming in correctly and causing dental issues that require professional treatment. If a child loses one of their adult teeth, this is even more troublesome because it means the tooth will have to be replaced by a dental professional.

Head and Neck Injuries

When a child enters a bounce house it is almost guaranteed that they will attempt to do stunts and flip themselves while jumping high off the ground. When one of these tricks goes wrong children often find themselves with head and neck injuries that result from landing incorrectly.

Injuries to the head and neck can cause severe damage to both the skull and spine, and some of the negative effects of this injury can last for a lifetime. Children may not even initially be aware they were injured, and parents should take care to make sure their child is examined by a medical professional after an injury like this occurs.


Fractures are also common in a bounce house, and the risk for this type of injury increases as more children are allowed into the bounce house. While many injuries result from children attempting stunts or bouncing into one another, there are also instances where the device itself is the cause.

There have been documented cases of bounce houses lifting off the ground due to high winds and then falling back to the earth with the children still inside. This event is not only mentally traumatic for the child, but often causes severe physical injuries as well.

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