The processes involved with proving an injury case are often the most confusing to children because they genuinely don’t understand the legal process and simply want the pain they’re feeling to stop. This creates a challenge for parents because they not only have to inform the management at the location where the injury occurred, but also explain to their child why certain actions have to be taken in order for the lawsuit to be successful, and no aspect of this process is more important than documenting injuries with pictures.

Child Accident Pics or Photos

While taking pictures of the child and their injuries may seem like a simple task, there are certain steps photographers should take to ensure the true nature of the injury is showcased in the photographs. Some common mistakes to avoid include:

  • Smiling – It is often natural for a child to smile when they’re being photographed, but this expression often masks the pain the child is in and can give the wrong impression to those who are investigating the claim.
  • Jewelry – Children should not be wearing any jewelry when the photos are taken because this can take away from the severity of the injury or diminish the sympathy of those overseeing the claim.
  • Improper Clothing – Children should be dressed casually in clothing that won’t draw too much attention away from their injuries. Clothing with words or pictures should be avoided in favor of solid, earth tone colors.

Points of Emphasis

Once all the necessary distractions have been removed from the photographers can shift their focus to aspects that should be emphasized, and these include:

  • Medical Braces – Any braces or casts that the child has should be photographed not only at a distance but up close. This allows investigators to see the overall effect of the injury as well as examine it up close.
  • Vary Photo Effects – Lighting, angle and distance should all be taken into consideration during every photography session. While taking the same picture multiple times may cause the child to get restless, it is the best way to ensure investigators get the photos that best display the injury.
  • Monitor the Wound – If the injury changes in any way additional photos should be taken. Only taking one set of photos can result in an injury that later becomes serious appearing as though it is minor in the photographs.

Photos are a vital piece of evidence to have when trying to prove the severity of an injury. Informing the owners of the establishment and taking photographs shortly after the injury occurs is the best way for parents to ensure they’re compensated for their child’s injuries and are able to get them the best medical treatment possible.

Getting Professional Help

After you have taken pictures of your child’s injuries, the next step is to hire a professional who knows how to use those photos to create a solid case. Schedule a free case evaluation today by calling 713.766.5400.

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