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Legal action involving dog bites is interesting because it often involves both criminal and civil aspects. There are also laws that state what happens to the dog in the event that a person is bit, and these are generally labeled as administrative laws. States generally have one of two sets of laws regarding dog bites, and CONTINUE READING →

Simply because a person is severely injured and unable to return to work doesn’t mean the rest of their life gets put on hold. Individuals facing this type of scenario will still have bills coming in the mail and need the financial resources to support both themselves and their family. This financial need is the CONTINUE READING →

Many elder women begin to face issues such a pelvic organ prolapse (POP), which can happen years after undergoing childbirth, a hysterectomy or menopause. POP is a condition where the pelvic muscles weaken over time, causing vital organs like the uterus, the bladder or the rectum to fall down into the vaginal area. As a solution CONTINUE READING →

Many women, who suffer from Pelvic Organ Prolapse (POP) or Sudden Urinary Incontinence (SUI), are looking for non-invasive treatments to cure their condition. The modern resolution that doctors have been proposing is for them to have Transvaginal Mesh implants. This is a small surgical procedure where they insert a woven fabric of surgical mesh and they implant it CONTINUE READING →

Since the release of Bayer Inc.’s Mirena IUD product, there has been uproar in legal and medical controversy over all the dangerous side effects that are associated with it. The Mirena IUD is essentially an intrauterine contraception device that acts in place of birth control. It is directly inserted through the vagina and into the CONTINUE READING →