Category: Child Safety

Children of all ages enjoy playing on playgrounds, and parents have a reasonable expectation that kids will be safe when doing so. Part of these safety expectations involve ensuring that children are properly supervised during playtime. One of the questions that’s frequently asked involves whether or not a failure to witness an accident constitutes negligence. CONTINUE READING →

Shaken baby syndrome is a medical condition that occurs whenever an adult forcefully and violently shakes an infant or toddler. When a very young child is forcefully shaken, the brain hits against the skull because there is less cushioning available. This can cause serious injury or even death. A few of the side effects of shaken baby syndrome CONTINUE READING →

Summer camps house a large number of children, not to mention the fact that they often revolve around physical activity and outdoor adventure. As a result, summer camp injuries happen quite often. Most of these injuries are relatively minor cuts, sprains and bruises, but occasionally children will wind up with more serious ones such as broken bones, CONTINUE READING →