Above ground swimming pools are places of fun where people can escape the summer heat even if only for a while, and this is why it is often shocking when someone reports they were injured while enjoying swimming activities. Those who plan to visit an above ground swimming pool should ensure they know what the common causes of injury are and what legal actions they can take should an injury happen.

Causes of Swimming Pool Injuries

Collapse – Since above ground swimming pools are supported by a series of retaining walls there is always a chance that these structures could collapse. When a collapse occurs individuals inside the pool may find themselves quickly swept towards the site of the break without warning. Those swept away often don’t have time to react and this means they may impact with dislodged parts or skid across rough surfaces.

Drowning – An above ground pool poses a greater risk of drowning to swimmers because the elevated walls make it difficult for those within the pool to get out quickly in the case of an emergency. This danger is also increased because if a person attempts to get out without using a pool ladder there is the added risk of collapse from the added weight of the person on the retaining walls.


When a person is injured there are often questions as to who is responsible for any injuries that occur. The person most likely to be held responsible is the pool owner, and this is because they are the person tasked with making sure the structure is safe for those who are using it.

Additional Structures

Individuals may also suffer injuries on structures that surround above ground swimming pool such as a deck. If the deck doesn’t provide enough stable footing an injury can occur, and in this case the pool owner is often responsible for any injuries their guests sustain.

Another structure that is the site of injuries every year are the ladders used to enter and exit the pool. When these aren’t assembled properly injuries may occur, and those who are victims of this negligence should consider legal action as a means to recover damages.

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