Human beings are social by nature, and this means we are often inclined to share the facts pertaining to important events that take place our lives. This sharing of information is often harmless, but those who are injured or involved in a lawsuit should be wary of who they speak with regarding the details of their case. Special care should be taken during the time from when the injury occurs until the lawsuit reaches its conclusion.

Immediately after an Injury

When a person is injured on another person’s or a business’s property there are a few things they should do immediately after seeking medical attention, and these include:

  • Inform the property owner or manager of the injury
  • Gather contact information from anyone who witnessed the injury take place
  • Take pictures or video of the area and any objects involved in the injury

Individuals are not advised to try and negotiate any kind of settlement immediately after the injury has taken place. Agreements that are reached in this way may not eliminate the possibility of filing a lawsuit, but they can severely weaken the victim’s case.

During Medical Treatment

Injuries often result in at least minor medical treatment being sought, and many places of business will request medical services be present after an injury simply as a way to help avoid further liability. Victims can improve their chance of successful litigation by:

  • Speaking with medical professionals and inquiring as to whether they would be willing to testify in a lawsuit if necessary
  • Obtaining copies of all medical records involved with the injury so this information can be passed along to an attorney
  • Not withholding any ache or pain, as even injuries that existed before the event can be made worse and may be eligible for inclusion in the lawsuit

While mentioning the basic details of the injuring event to medical professionals is always a good idea, going into specifics may not be necessary and may even cause medical professionals to wrongly attribute injuries to something other than the injuring event.

During a Lawsuit

During the course of a lawsuit is when only speaking to select individuals is the most important. It is often best if victims limit their conversations about the case to only one individual or group of individuals:

The attorney representing the victim should be told everything about the case because this will allow them to formulate a legal strategy and get the victim the compensation they deserve.

Winning an injury lawsuit may seem difficult, but by sharing information with only those vital to winning the case victims can increase their chance of success and ensure their life is able to return to normal.

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