Around 500,000 trucking accidents happen in the United States annually, with approximately 5,000 of these resulting in death. Since these metal giants outweigh and outsize smaller, more compact vehicles, driving carefully around them is crucial to the safety of every vehicle on the road. When an accident occurs, it’s important to determine who was at fault and that anyone who was injured receives the appropriate compensation.


Determining Who is at Fault

A trucking accident can be quite a jarring experience, but in order to take subsequent steps, it’s critical to figure out who was at fault in the first place. In the case when a truck is at fault, the causes of the accident are divided into four major categories:

  1. Non-performance. When the truck driver is physically disabled, such as if they had fallen asleep at the wheel.
  2. Decision. The driver was either following too closely to the driver in front of him, driving too quickly or misjudging the speed of the other driver on the road.
  3. Recognition. The driver was distracted, inattentive, or non-observant of the conditions around him.
  4. Performance. The driver overcompensated, panicked, or had poor directional control.

It’s also important to consider these factors in a trucking accident:

  • Drug use
  • Interruptions in traffic
  • Maintenance problems
  • Unfamiliarity with roads

Considering how many hours a day these large trucks spend on the road without a break, while also considering their size, it isn’t surprising that semi-trucks face these situations.

Receiving Your Compensation

Getting into an accident with a larger truck or a semi is very different than getting into an accident with another automobile. Because these types of accidents usually happen on the highway or freeway, they are usually high-speed collisions, making the smaller car and passenger much more susceptible to critical injury. The sheer magnitude of harm that can be caused by this kind of accident makes it even more important to contact an attorney with experience in personal injury cases. The compensation you receive should be equivalent to the amount of injury, damage or suffering endured by the accident.

Drivers must be cautious of road conditions and wary of the drivers surrounding them. If you have been in a trucking accident and you don’t know what your next step is, seek the immediate assistance of an experienced personal injury attorney. Our team at Mukerji Law Firm focuses on seeking justice in all types of personal injury claims and lawsuits, including those involving serious side effects from dangerous drugs, medical devices and other complex product liability cases. We have achieved an impressive record of success, and are driven by our personal concern for those we serve. We’ll conduct a thorough investigation of all the facts of your case; and if need be, we’ll take it to trial to make things right.