POSTED BY SKMUKERJI ON September 29, 2018

It isn’t uncommon for individuals to purchase products that don’t perform as they were advertised. If this occurs, they could become injured as a result of these defective or dangerous products. Under some circumstances, it’s possible for coverage to happen under the product’s warranty or for the individual to receive an exchange or refund. If injuries were the result of the product, however, it’s a different situation, and they may have the right to a personal injury claim.


Understanding Defective Products

Before embarking upon a claim, it’s critical that you have an understanding of defective products. When a product is defective, this means it has become dangerous during its intended use without any interference or alterations. In other words, the individual experienced injuries from the product’s design, manufacturing, or marketing.

How Design Defects Affect Consumers

Design defects occur before the manufacturing process. Under these circumstances, a company becomes liable for a product when they undergo the manufacturing process when there is a design error, and they proceed with creating the product anyway. In many state courts, there is a requirement for plaintiffs to provide evidence that risks could have been avoided or reduced if alterations were made in the design.

How Manufacturing Defects Affect Consumers

Under these circumstances, the defects in the products are unintended because mistakes occur throughout the manufacturing process. When these defects occur, it could cause the product to become dangerous without the company or consumer expecting it to happen. There is a significant difference between a design and manufacturing defect in that a design defect is intentional and a manufacturing defect occurs unintentionally when products are created.

How Marketing Defects Affect Consumers

When marketing defects occur, it’s the direct result in flawed product labeling, inadequate safety warnings, or insufficient instructions. Under these circumstances, companies are not sufficiently warning consumers regarding the proper use of a product or about any hazards in association with the product. Examples of such defects include the use of medical equipment, vehicles, chainsaws or heavy machinery where a lot of warnings are necessary due to the inherent danger and hazardous nature of the products.

Contacting a Personal Injury Lawyer

If you find yourself in need of a personal injury attorney in Houston, TX, then the team at Mukerji Law Firm stands ready to advocate before the court on your behalf. When you’re the victim of negligence or wrongdoing of somebody else, it can often be difficult and confusing to find your way through the laws, statutes, and the simple minutiae of the legal system. You may not be aware of all of your rights under the law, and that’s where we come in. By working with your best interest in mind, our team of attorneys will work tooth-and-nail to stand up to insurance companies, corporations, or individuals who are responsible for your injury, illness, or other setbacks. We’ll conduct a thorough investigation of all the facts of your case; and if need be, we’ll take it to trial to make things right. Contact us today to get started.