It isn’t uncommon for families to give their children or other loved one’s puppies as gifts for Christmas. In doing so, it’s critical they receive proper training and socialization to ensure prevention of dog bites and injuries to other individuals. The best way to prevent dog bites from occurring if a strange dog approaches your puppy is to be proactive, build a bond with them, and consider the following tips for obedience. There are also steps that should be taken if you’re considering approaching a puppy you see while you’re out in public.

Tips for Puppy Owners

As a new puppy parent, you’ll need to practice training often and remain consistent. Otherwise, your puppy will be receiving mixed messages, and this will confuse them. Their behavior will dramatically improve when you socialize them to as many people and places as possible while they’re young. It’s essential to make introductions to a wide variety of areas, people, and types of clothing, as well. That way your puppy will grow to adapt and feel comfortable in many kinds of situations.

Keep all interactions with individuals short and to the point. In doing so, you’re helping to prevent your puppy from becoming overwhelmed. During these interactions, praise your puppy often over their positive behavior. That way, it will reinforce that particular behavior during interactions in the future.

Avoid tightening the puppy’s leash when encountering new people during a walk or in other public areas. When you do this, it’s an indication that something is wrong and it compels the puppy to react negatively. It’s a puppy’s natural reaction to please their owner. If they believe you’re looking for an adverse response, that’s how they’ll react. Instead, ignore the individual, and your puppy will respond kindly.


Tips for Those Approaching Puppies

Each time you approach another owner’s puppy, the number one tip is to always ask permission before attempting an interaction. It’s never a good idea to put your face at the same level as the puppy’s face. Always let the puppy sniff your hand before petting the puppy anywhere on their body. If they begin backing away, refrain from the interaction.

Avoid tensing up when you’re out in public while approaching a puppy. In doing so, you’re signaling danger to the puppy. If you’re in the process of petting a puppy and it begins backing away, stop touching the puppy immediately and move away.

It’s critical that you’re remaining aware of warning signs when approaching a puppy. They’ll let you know they don’t want anyone to make contact with them. They’ll stand with a rigid stance, for example, their teeth could be showing, or their ears may be pulled back. Do not make contact with a puppy if they’re presenting these warning signs.

It isn’t possible for anyone to prevent all puppy or dog bites. Therefore, if you find that you’re a victim, contact us at the Mukerji Law Firm. We’ve handled numerous dog bite and animal attack cases.