Distracted Driving

Houston Car Accident Attorney

The numbers of distracted driver accidents has been on the rise in recent years across the nation, as well as in the Houston area. If you or a loved one has been injured in an accident caused by a distracted driver, we urge you to contact our professional car accident lawyer in Houston for legal representation. Our firm, Mukerji Law Firm, has a reputation for achieving high value settlements in personal injury cases, including car accidents caused involving negligent distracted drivers. All drivers have an obligation, while operating a vehicle, to exercise reasonable care for the safety of others. A driver who is drunk, texting, speeding or racing puts all those sharing the road, street or highway at risk of injury or death. These drivers must be held accountable for their acts of negligence by being forced to pay compensatory damages to any victims.


Distracted driving can take on many forms, including texting, eating, putting on makeup, talking with passengers and simply failing to put attention on the road ahead. Many of these accidents are rear-end collisions, and the vehicle ahead is slammed into, as the driver has not realized moving traffic has come to a stop until it is too late. A rear-end accident can have very serious consequences, as the driver and passengers ahead, even when airbags deploy, are thrown into violent motion. The vehicle can be forced into traffic, and be impacted by cross-traffic or pushed into stationary objects such as light posts or trees.